Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sometimes the things we fancy, we don't or can't necessarily own.

I've never owned a Grand Piano1 before. Though, of course, if ever I owned my own living space and it was accomodating enough in size, plus my financial circumstances permitted such spendings at the time, I'd definitely purchase one.

I guess you wouldn't really appreciate the difference unless you've played on one before. An Upright Piano doesn't quite cut it. A Baby Grand is a compromise of sorts, and is somewhat acceptable for a season, I suppose.

But nothing can beat the Grand Piano itself.

Yet, in spite of never owning one, I'm proud to say that I've played a Grand Piano before on various occasions. Well, there were numerous situations which allowed me the honour, but I think the most memorable times I've played it was at the piano showrooms at Yamaha Music School.

Those were times when I had to wait for my sister to finish her Junior Music Course class for the day. Glancing through piano books that were on sale would be amusing for awhile, but you can't really sustain your interest for very long just gazing at pages and pages of manuscript in itself.

Then, one fine day - and I can't really recall how it happened or even who suggested it - I landed a chance to try out the pianos in the Piano Showroom (basically, it's a room where they housed all the different Yamaha pianos/keyboards for would-be buyers to test them out). And if my memory does not deceive me, I believe I pulled in a book or two off the music book stands and tried my hands out on them right there and then at the piano.

And there, amidst all the many types of keyboards and pianos stood the Grand Piano... waiting to be played. So play it I did. In fact, I did it more than once. And I did this at two different Yamaha music centres, even.

In my opinion, there's nothing like the sound of making music with the piano in an empty, acoustically approving room. I haven't done this in many years, but I still remember the feeling. The elation. The satisfaction, albeit only for some moments. After all, the piano isn't mine, and you can't always keep playing there for as long as you like. Initially, I was a bit self-conscious about how I sounded, or if others would hear what I played. But well, I came to recognise those times as good fortune that I should appreciate and make the best of. After all, such occasions didn't come often enough.

Looking back at those moments, I guess I'd say that in life, although you may not always have what you desire, sometimes there's this middle ground that you may chance to find. A privilege to live a part of your dream, albeit perhaps only momentarily. An opportunity meant to be seized, and definitely savoured.

Play the Grand Pianos life presents you. We may not get exactly what we want all the time, but we can make the best of whatever God affords us. And when we do, we may find out that our lives are really richer than we realise, after all.

1 Can't tell the difference between an Upright or a Grand Piano? Learn more about types of pianos here.