Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bonus: Days And Minutes

It all started with a friend telling me that my GTalk status had triggered her to start writing a poem. So I suggested why not we take turns adding lines to it (since she was stuck) and see what comes out.

So this is the final result:

by Anna Tan and Susanna Khoo

the days, they fly
but the minutes, they crawl
i try to climb high
but it's easier to fall

into comforts familiar
down these winding steps
onto these well-worn pathways
into familiar traps

yet on the horizon a glimmer
a wish, a hope, a dream
the days have flown by
still, no nearer it seems

time, please stop
do not eat me away
these fragile thoughts
should not be your prey

all i have, precious
jewels that i harbour
all i ask is another
second, minute, hour

to love, live, pray and give
to put my words in song
to remember all the good
to take back all the wrong

the minutes, they crawl
yet as ever they speed by
and as everything piles
again we wonder why

the days, they fly
by me, still unaware
yet there's time to amend
if i would just stop to care

Hehehe... you like? :)

Gifts and talents multiply in magic when there's collaboration. If anyone's reading this, I hope it inspires you to rally a few friends and work on something together ;)

Collaboration does not alter the focus of the limelight, but rather, expands the reach of its rays. :)

Day #5, on extended play :P