Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Update via email

I looked out the window of my office building this morning, and it was raining. Not a drizzle, not a storm… but rain, nevertheless.

I watched the drops trickle down the edges of the window. The small but growing puddles accumulating on the rooftops. The leaves of the trees wriggling uncontrollably at the whims of the wind, as though being tickled by a whispered joke.

What is rain but just drops of water descending from the sky?

Yet it is a sign, a proof of providence from a God that reigns above us. It is the way that the Earth receives her nourishment, and the means by which she grows. No other human methods could probably hydrate the face of the Earth as efficiently as the rain does.

Personally, I am quite fond of the rain. It is a symbol of good things to me.

However, I realize that there are many who view rain as a negative thing. More often than not, rain is depictive of sadness or calamity in movies, songs, poems…

But just because the skies are grey and the outlook of the world clothed in momentary gloom, it does not mean that all is not going well. Rather, how about thinking of it this way instead: that the overcast sky is God’s way of telling us to slow down – even if just a little – and to remember that not everything is within our control, yet there is Someone out there who’s taking care of it all.

Day #8 - Written during my short breaks in the midst of office hours. Rainy weather has always been good climate for creative juices.