Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Truth

Long ago, I once had a blog called The Veritas Project. Veritas means truth. And truth, I believe, is the essence of really good blogging. You see, I've always believed in the sharing of the human experience. Of how what we've been through serves to encourage someone else. And that only can happen when we quite candidly open up and share about what we've gone through.

Trouble is, after awhile, this gets pretty hard. I used to be one of those bloggers who could be super honest about how I felt on my blog, and would tell at great length about some current challenge I was facing, or some battle I was waging - emotionally, mentally or what have you.

And those were the good old days when I was but a teenager, and felt so much more freedom for expression and other such liberal beliefs which we cling to when we're younger.

But now I find myself having such difficulty to come clean with what is really going on my head and life. In particular, the private life. Which is probably why this blog hasn't really been updated for some time.

I intended for this to be a place where I'd share my life stories for whosoever who fancies reading it, with the hopes of it being some kind of a blessing or something. Eventually if the posts were bulky enough in number I had desired to perhaps even convert it into a book. Yet the more I think of it, the more trivial my life experiences seem to be compared to the stuff I observe around me happening in others. And it seems pointless - like a huge masquerade just to legally publish and promote myself and my life.

And so I question again my purpose for opening this blog, and the many others like it (from times past). Is it for vanity? Blogging is so much about self - about getting noticed, about publicising your life for all the world to see. How in fact is it others-centred? God glorifying? I probably have lost count how many blogs I've started and then neglected, for the sheer reason that I cannot pinpoint its direction nor the truly noble purpose for which it was begun. Yes, it's a point of connecting to peers, a way to give others a peek into your life. But what really do we hope to achieve?

Writing-wise, I have not been churning out much of worth lately, and it's hard to tell if this is a pattern to be broken in the near future or not. I guess the verdict for now is that this blog stays open, and I will on occasion update it with some thoughts or perhaps a gem or two from my writing attempts... should there be anything readworthy.

It's just crowding cyberspace with more redundant words and webpages, unless you've something worth saying, and then the courage to tell it passionately.