Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Thousand Apologies, Sire

Aloha :)

It would appear that this blog has been lying idle for quite some time now. Rest assured, the blog author has indeed not abandoned this spot entirely, but she will most definitely return.

For the moment, she has her hands full somewhat... having taken up 3 different freelance tasks, and has her fingers crossed on transitioning to a proper writing career sometime... The sooner the better, of course ;)

Don't for a moment think that anything will be left incomplete here. I will most definitely finish off the last bit of A Glance, A Glimpse, A Gaze soon. Very soon. As soon as the deadlines over these next few days clear.

In the meantime, kindly amuse yourselves with this untitled piece of fiction. Psst: it's a collabo between me and my bandmate, Joanne :) Teehee. No telling you who wrote what and which parts... that's the beauty of collaborations. United we stand, together we fall (spot the deliberate error haha).

So, please dear readers, take note: this writer is not being lazy, in fact she is taking on more these days. And hopefully this means the quality of the texts written will improve :)

In any case, the ultimate passion for fiction and all things freestyle will most definitely never die, so keep up the visits, and see you here again soon with more brain fodder! :)