Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Them, part 2: Against Them

Entry #0002
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They hosted an entertainment event today. Various performers, but mostly from amongst themselves. The idea of course, was to generate publicity.

Many of us were asked to attend. No, wait, let me rephrase that: many of us were forced to attend. What good would a public event look, if there were too many empty seats?

But in all honesty, their ideas of amusement are feeble, to say the least. Back where we came from, music festivals were joyful and full of vigour. There is nothing of that sort here. If you would just look at us, we are nothing but the living dead. We have lost our souls almost entirely.

I am a performer at heart. I miss the freedom of singing in the open streets. And dancing. It thrills the heart, and sparks life into the bones. Dancing is forbidden here.

And so is singing.

But in the dead of night, I hear voices. There are some among us who have not yet forgotten the tunes of yesteryear. One day these songs will resound in this city again.

I hope in some ways I will help to hasten the coming of that day.

*     *     *

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natz said...

Eh, you changed your layout. Nice. :)
They give me tingles. (Them gives me tingles?)
Wondering where you'll go with this.

Susanna said...

Hehe glad you liked the new layout :)

And yeah, I hope I can develop AND finish this one. I still am stumped how to complete the old half-hanging trilogy from last time :(

I have this terrible phobia that I'll keep creating stories and then leave them incomplete *sniffs*

natz said...

I'm waiitttiinngggg.....