Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Entry #0001
The Trenches, 0000 hours

I am finally alone. I am here at last.

I have tried many times to make it here to write this, but as you might expect, things often get in the way around here.

It's all their fault.

There have been others before me, many who have tried to do as I now endeavour to. To write about what really goes on here. To make known everything that they do.

They have kept us silent for far too long now. They try to strike fear into our hearts, to make us cower in their presence. To believe that there is no way that we can rise up against them. That they are not afraid.

But they are.

That is why they keep making efforts to silence us. It is the reason that they stalk us, the same cause for the violence. Yes. They resort to violence now. All their calm assurances that they would never lay a hand on those under their care is nothing but a hoax.

That's what they are, anyway. Nothing but a giant lie.

I shiver as I write this. I fear to be found out. But as I said before, I need to continue where the others have left off. It is the tiny glimpse of hope that comforts me now. The hope that somehow, when our story gets out, there will be a chance for change.

It is that chance which gives me the strength to keep going.

But this is all I can afford to pen down for now. I hear them coming. I must go.

Till next time.

*     *     *

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