Friday, December 11, 2009


I dreamed a dream
And it was grand
With castles majestic and not made of sand
I held the world
And it fit snugly
In the palm of my hand
Then I realised in my dream
That it was a dream, a figment of imagination
Climbing and scaling the walls and interiors of my brain
What a shame
That it should not be real
Because it was beautiful
And well, admittedly, a tad surreal
In it the horses rode wide, white meadows
And the sky was pink and purple in shade
Kings and queens came to visit and share pots of tea
Then I envisioned you with me
With fits of hearty laughter and priceless company
Smiles for kilometres (not miles)
And time that stood still, albeit awhile
In my dream I was gorgeous and charming
And you were gentle and sweet and not at all alarming

Then suddenly...

No kings and queens graced the table
Nor horses galloping came to rest in the stable
The castles crumbled
And the beauty faded
The tea got spilt
The sky got raided

Then I sighed
And looked
Then there was you

So smiles remained
And laughter was a lesson learnt
A wisdom gained
Dreams, hope and reality collided
Over tea, we conquered the world
And crowned ourselves royalty
The walls of my brain crumbled
My heart, it fitted snugly in the palm of your steady hands

And then
There was the world
And there was us

* Happy 1st quarter, sayang. It's been a lovely journey thus far. :)