Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stories To Tell

I wonder if it's just a writer's thing, to face various experiences in life and to think all the while, 'This would be such a good story to tell/write about later on'?

Because that's just the sort of thing that keeps running through my head lately. Everything that happens is pretty much a worthy story. I suppose it boils down to how you decide to tell it.

One story I'll definitely want put down in words is how I am slowly arriving at a writing profession. It's not all there yet, but I can see such a huge progression from when I first started out right up till now. It's fascinating. I'm one of those kind of people who thinks that the process is just as important - if not more important than - arriving at the desired result.

Ever thought of your life as a story before? Did you venture the thought of what it would look like on the big silver screen or the paperback novel? Would it enthrall audiences the world over, or keep readers turning the pages right through from cover to cover?

Just a thought anyway.


natz said...

Sometimes, I get the feeling that I have a problem living in the moment. There is a tendency to sometimes see things through "third-party lenses" as if it's happening to someone else, and not me.
Oh yes, and to think how I would blog about it, though I usually don't.

Susanna said...

Actually... I think I have a problem with that too. But I'd like to think that I manage it better now.

And oh please do blog about it, especially if you can derive some lessons or inspiration from the experience. You never know who that blog post may encourage. True story. Really ;)