Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Write Stuff

And so I have entered the REAL DEAL writer job zone. It's been about almost 2 weeks now.

Just like all other things in life, it's never quite like the general public's view of what a writer's daily routine is like.

For one thing, I am NOT working for a glamourous magazine publisher, so no photoshoots with models, no gorgeously goodlooking editors or sub-editors to ogle at, or absolutely awesome cool/hot/hip events to attend.

Well. There ARE events. But they're sorta more on the serious end.


Moving along...

In any case, for all you aspiring writers out there, let me share with you a typical day's work routine:

  1. Review any writing assignments that are half done and finish them OR re-edit completed articles to correct errors and possibly rewrite certain portions for better clarity OR seek superior to obtain new assignments to write
  2. Get disturbed/distracted by colleagues
  3. Daydream/brainstorm
  4. Try hardest to concentrate on doing research or writing
  5. Stay at desk for hours perfecting an article
  6. Receive feedback from superior for articles handed in earlier
  7. Amend articles if required by superior to do so
  8. Get asked random grammar or proofreading tasks by colleagues, just because being a writer is equated to being an authority on all things involving the English language
  9. Attend events
  10. Go toilet
  11. Eat, and then shortly afterwards, eat again
  12. Repeat steps 1-8 several times before end of day

That pretty much sums it up. Writing is a lot of brain work, so sometimes it's quite mentally tiring. Plus, there's the infamous setback known as Writer's Block, which is prone to strike every other day, or perhaps, when the weather is bad, every few hours.

All in all, it's just a lot of discipline and work-at-the-desk sorta stuff. Nothing glamourous. Nothing extraordinary.

Just the occasional satisfying, fantastic rush when an article gets completed on time, or when you get a byline, or when the boss says you've done a splendid piece of work as some sentence or phrase of yours was aptly worded.

It makes me wonder why my boyfriend so often reports to me that whenever he informs other people of my career they seem to be very impressed. Surely there are more awe inspiring jobs than a writer's.

But I guess it doesn't hurt to be admired.