Friday, July 23, 2010

The Scoop

I miss writing fiction, so therefore, it's time for a refresher:

"Write a story from the perspective of a spoon in a dishwasher."

- Source:

So here goes...

*     *     *

It's cold over here and yet, I am waiting. Nobody ever told me before that this was part of the job description.

My vision is currently half obscured by the heavy porcelain plate that is stacked just right beside the spot where I am nestled beside other fellow dinner cutlery.  In any case, I can't see much. It's pretty dark.

Dinner has been over since hours ago. But I guess someone forgot to put the dishwasher on. So we've been sitting idle here for what feels like centuries. Then again, we spend more time waiting than we do being used. It's just one of those facts of life, I suppose.

My partner in crime, the gorgeously prickly Fork, told me that the dishwasher functions pretty much like a carwash. When I asked her what a car was, she shrugged and said she didn't really know. It's a wonder how she knew what a carwash is then.

I hear some movement from the direction of the front door of the dishwasher. I wonder if it's about to be started soon. I'm looking forward to being washed squeaky clean.

Human voices. Then, a turning of knobs and a pressing of buttons. The dishwasher comes to life.

But then, something feels terribly wrong. The machine begins to shake - more violently than I remember it normally does. I hear the clatter of plates clashing against one another. The other forks and spoons are shivering. The glasses and mugs are shrieking, vibrating, shattering...

I feel the rise of chaos, the cries of helplessness, the sting of heat... and then, a sudden silence and deep darkness, thicker than before.

I try to call out, but then, my voice is not heard. Although I cannot normally move myself, I try to inch forward towards whatever it is that is around me. I feel myself falling. Somewhere. Into something.


It is soft. I descend upon its surface unharmed. I look about me. All I see is pink.

A hand reaches into the pink atmosphere. I am lifted from the wreckage and a pile of pink stuff is scooped up with me.

I hear laughter.

Before I even realise it, I am face to face with a mouth - one that's opening and beckoning me in towards its dark, bottomless abyss.

In goes the pink stuff, and saliva smooths my curvy surface.

I stop to wonder how did I ever get here. What happened to the dishwasher?

I feel alone. I miss my precious companion, the Fork.

Again I am dunked into the pink pile. My face is numb. Teeth clench themselves around me.

I am being used. I should be happy. But I am not.

Where are all my friends from the dishwasher?

Swoosh. A wave of cold water flushes out my thoughts.

I am in a cupboard. Or a drawer. I cannot decide which.

I try to rise from where I am. My body clinks against another piece of silverware..

Fork! Dear Fork! It is good to see you.

Oh Spoon! Where have you been?
I'm not sure, but I though we were in the dishwasher? 

Oh we are... we are...
Water sploshes all around. My confused thoughts meld together with the rhythmic rinsing and comforting warmth.

I sigh contentedly.

What a life.


J. M. Strother said...

Now that's not easy, writing a story from the perspective of a spoon. You did a good job of it. I am curious what the calamity was in the middle of the story. Glasses shattering - good thing he is a spoon.

Welcome to #fridayflash.

Susanna said...

Hi Jon :)

I heard about Friday Flash through a friend and so I thought I'd try submitting something and see how it turns out. Appreciate the personal welcome :)

I meant for the middle calamity to be somewhat like a figment of his imagination. Perhaps imagined, perhaps real.

I see you've won a few Nanowrimos. I tried once, and failed terribly :( Hopefully someday I'll pluck up the courage to try again :)

Okay this is a pretty long comment! Haha. Nice to meet you, see you around :)

AidanF said...

Hi Susanna, wildly imaginative story. It must be harrowing to go through the dishwasher, glad I can't hear my spoons complaining. Welcome to Friday flash.

Susanna said...

Hi Aidan, thanks for taking the time to notice my debut on Friday Flash :)

Cathy Olliffe said...

Can spoons breathe underwater?
I was worried about that.
Fun story!
Welcome to flash!

Susanna said...

Haha Cathy... that's an interesting thought...

Pleased to meet you and thanks! :)