Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Malaysian voice

Malaysians have Foot In Mouth disease, I told my colleague today at work.

She laughed, and that's probably because it's inevitably, embarrasingly true.

If you need examples, you need not look far. Just keep up-to-date with daily news updates, and you'll be sure to catch something OR someone who fits this description.

There are those authoritative figures who seem to want to say intelligent things, but only prove the contrary the moment they open their mouths.

There are the leaders (both past and present) who utter things beyond comprehension because it does not at all jive with what they do at all.

There are those who, on purpose, converse in ways obviously intent on riling up the sentiments of another.

Then there are those who are always complaining and for all it's worth, just seem to be raising their voice for the mere reason of adding to the noise.

Thankfully I don't work for the national dailies. I might just die of incredulity or from the sheer shock of the kind of things I have to listen to at press conferences.

Please oh please, dear Malaysians - big or small, short or tall, funny or cranky, famous or unknown - please use your brain before you even consider doing anything else.