Wednesday, April 27, 2011

L for lovely things

Some letters are just blessed more than others. Take the letter L, for instance.

It is richly endowed with a vocabulary of niceties that other alphabets cannot even dare to dream of: love, life, laughter, like, luck... probably even more that I don't recall.

And why so, while other alphabets suffer the lack of noble or interesting words such that people are prone to forget them far too easily, as opposed to the lovely letter L?

But then, you may argue that the letter L has shortcomings of its own.

Lies. Lust. Litter. Lost.

Yes yes, but which other alphabet can trump "L for love"?

R for romance, perhaps. Or F for faithful.

But that doesn't quite cut it, does it?

What do think, then, about the bad press that F receives undeservedly?

Fight. Fat. Fool. Frumpy. Frugal. 

Don't you sometimes get the Feeling that Life is a Little unFair?

K for kite

 A wau - a Malaysian kite

I've always wanted to fly one successfully. I don't think I ever have. I remember having to make one in primary school... a wau (which was supposed to look something like the one in the picture) and I used lidi and tracing paper and made colourful designs on it. It didn't fly properly.

I remember seeing people's kites get stuck in trees and feeling sad on their behalf when I was a child.

I wonder why the term "flying kites" ended up having such a negative connotation when kite flying is really a fascinating thing.

Do people even fly kites nowadays? 

Perhaps the reason I find it fascinating is because it's fluid.. it's dependent on the wind... and wind is something none of us can control. It's the intrigue of something that's beyond you, stretching far above what you can ever understand or imagine.

That an unpredictable gust of wind can have the power to lift up your kite... and figuratively speaking, your dreams too.

What are the winds in your life that lift your feet off the ground?

W for write, write, write!

Hehe can I double post for W? After all it's a DOUBLE u, right?

Okay, I'm considerably lame sometimes.

Anyhow, I've been thinking about it lately, and I still believe I'd much rather be an author than a journalist (which is what I am currently).

It's been one of my lifelong dreams to write and publish a book that gets sold in the bookstores around the city where I live so I can beam with joy every time I catch a glimpse of its title on the shelves of MPH or Borders or somewhere like that.

But that day has yet to come. I have tried and tried to write the opening chapters for what I hoped would become a book but so far the efforts have not been anywhere near successful. *sniff*

Recently, my Mum pointed out to me an article in The Star that said that the government is allocating a RM 2 million fund to help publish books. This is great because it's just what I need (now, to actually get round to writing that book hoho). I'm not sure if I'd actually qualify but I suppose it's worth finding out.

Perhaps, perhaps my dreams of becoming an author can finally see the light of day some time soon. Wonder whether anyone would read what I write though... would you? :)

Sometimes I wish I lived in some superbly well developed nation where you can do anything you love to do and earn a living from it. Over here, we still have parents nagging their children to take up accountancy, law or medical degrees just because it's assumed these education paths will land us jobs with decent pay.

Being a writer isn't exactly the most ideal choices a parent could hope for a child, I think. But well, it's not altogether frowned upon as much as... say... being a criminal underlord, isn't it? Heh. What an analogy.

Ah, I really should get moving. I need to head out to work soon. I wonder if it's true of all writers... that part of us just likes to dream more than actually write or do anything else?

W for weighed down

I feel rather sad because I have not been able to keep up faithfully with this A to Z Challenge lately.

Things at work were especially busy over the past week or two, with me heading out for assignments almost every other day. I suppose this is nothing compared to the life of a reporter who works for a daily newspaper, but it's tiring enough for me. The assignments were interesting though, and I suppose it should be the subject of a blog post too, but I shall save that for another time.

Plus, I kept forgetting to submit my tax assessment form, and it hung over my head like a small black cloud that grew thicker and darker by the day (okay, so I'm exaggerating a little, but tax claims are such a bother, aren't they?).

AND to top things off, I had some other additional writing task to do, which was not so well received by the intended recipient. Sigh. I guess there's no pleasing anyone for as long as the writing is for someone else's sake and not your own.

But now the tax assessment has been done and to both my dismay and delight I owe the government NOTHING and I discover the dismal truth that I really am not that financially wealthy after all.

The extra writing task is not, but the workload at the office is bearable. The workpile is moving, albeit slowly, but so far I've not messed up in any way, so all's good.

PLUS I am about to go on a short trip to Singapore to see these guys perform live:

(Psst. They're Switchfoot, in case you didn't already know.)

Whee :)

I'm really looking forward to NOT being so weighed down, and I hope that moment will come really soon.

So I promise you, dear readers, that I will do a little catching up before the month is up and will fill in the gaps wherever I've missed an alphabet or two or more.

Sorry if you were disappointed, but I assure you, I will be back... and soon too! 

Meantime, enjoy the sunshine. Another day has begun - well, at least in my part of the world ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

P for parents

They're the ones who scolded you and gave you a caning when you misbehaved.

The very same people who hugged you and told you could do it when you felt like you couldn't, the ones who cheered you from the stands when you emerged as champion in your favourite sport at a school competition.

The dependable duo who magically seemed to always have cash to spare whenever you asked for some (though you later found out this wasn't quite true).

And although they may the source of the most annoying yet useful reminders in your lifetime, they are also likely the two people who know you best.

We can't choose our parents, but we can choose to love them - for who they are to us and for all they've done in making us who we are today.

I know that not everyone has loving, devoted parents, so I guess this post may not resonate with every single person who reads it. But I'm speaking optimistically here, because even though we can't choose the circumstances life throws at us, we can decide to make the best out of whatever we have, and I guess that's the main message that I'd like to get across here. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

J for Jane

Jane felt sad.

Mary had her little lamb, and Little Miss Muffet had her tuffet, plus the company of a curious little spider.

Even her annoying cousin, Jack Horner, had his stale Christmas pie to keep him amused, whilst her neighbour, whom she has only known all this while as Little Boy Blue, had his favourite horn with which he can blow funny tunes with to keep boredom at bay.

He was playing a tune right then, and as she listened, it was making her even sadder.

But she... she had nothing at all.

Folding her arms to her chest, she sighed. She needed something to perk her up. Gazing around the tiny confines of her cottage, she felt the way everyone else had described: a very plain Jane indeed. It was not a nice feeling.

After thinking for a moment, she decided to take a walk. So out her door and onto the pathway she went.

Jane walked and walked and walked. The sun was shining brightly and she felt more and more tired as she went along.

Suddenly, she heard a voice saying, "Hellooo? You there! Do you want some tea?"

Jane stopped in her tracks and whirled around to discover who it was that was speaking. Soon, she spotted a kind looking lady standing at the door of a hut, waving at her.

"Are you talking to me?" Jane asked, a little unsure.

"You! Yes, you!" Affirmed the lady.

Jane felt suddenly very shy and she hesitated. It also crossed her mind why she would want to have a hot cup of tea on a hot day like this. She'd much prefer a glass of iced lemon tea.

"But it's hot and drinking tea will make me feel hotter," she said somewhat sheepishly, staring at the ground as she spoke.

"Oh, nonsense!" The lady replied. "I have nice cupcakes and scones... surely you want some of those?"

Jane stopped to think again. She did not really like thinking much, because she felt her brain didn't really have the ability to think very far. Nevertheless, she tried and concentrated as hard as she could.

"Maybe just one or two?" She finally consented.

"Come right in!" Ushered the lady as she swung open the door of her hut and gestured for Jane to enter with her hand. "I've already got a kettle of water brewing."

- to be continued-

M for mall

Note: I know there are many missing posts for quite a few alphabets (I-L), I promise I'll fill them in later.

*   *   *

It's a rainy Saturday morning here in Mutiara Damansara and I'm sitting here at McDonald's in The Curve with Deric. He's busy watching football highlights, while waiting for me to finish my Sausage McMuffin. But I can't sit here just doing nothing, so I'm typing out a brief blogpost in the meantime.

It's so rare to have such cool weather here where we live, so times like these are really a treat. Unhurried time to spend with each other is also more rare nowadays. So I feel really happy just being here.

I really love being at the mall at this hour, because the place just opened not long ago. The shops are slowly coming alive, but the crowds are not in yet so it's still fairly quiet. The public toilets are still clean too, a fact that's very much appreciated since most Malaysian public toilets are usually filthy and more often than not, way below the satisfactory levels of hygiene.

I don't always like hanging around malls, but when I do, I guess I much prefer being there at the start of the day, rather than at any other times.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I for intensity

Intensity. Electricity. Snap, sizzle, zap. Over the wire I hear you. Talk. Gossip. Girls, too pretty too many too fiery. Disaster strikes, from the rooftops down to the paved sidewalks. They are watching, don't you see? I flee. I feel. Leave while you still can. Stand for something. When you try, you'll know finally what you're made of and if it's worth it. Forget it. But then again, don't. Can't you see? Nonsense. Nuisance. Prudence. Finales dramatically descending on the unsuspecting man. No way, woman. Dreams. In a bubble, as light as a feather. I float through the air while you stare unaware that there's a puzzle behind every piece. Pancakes, tossed up and flapping down into hungry mouths, so many to feed. What a treat. I see you me everybody I and ten cities.

H for here... right now! :D

Hello dear readers! :) I apologise for the lack of updates. It's not too late to catch up now, is it?

Harder to keep up with the alphabets now as the days seem to go whizzing by, especially when there are other things happening at the same time :P

Hear me out though, because although this post is up late, H is a special letter :) I don't know about you, but the more I think about it, the more I feel that there are so many important words that start with H.

How about heart? That's a major part of who we are. Where our heart is, there lies our treasure.

Hand is another one. A handshake is a crucial formal introduction that signals the beginning of meaningful relationships - be they business dealings or the tiny seeds of friendship sown after you've gotten yourself acquainted with someone who was previously a stranger.

Handsome would be yet another example. Okay, I admit that it's a little more old fashioned compared to other equivalent terms used today, but it's still a valid word, and the most polite, hard-to-go-wrong way to tell a gentlemen that he really is quite attractive and drop dead gorgeous without sounding too desperate.

Have I convinced you yet? How about the word hear? Or hard? Or holy?

Haha... did you notice anything else about this post that's extraordinary? :P Drop me a comment and give it a guess hehe... :D

Friday, April 8, 2011

G for gigs

No no no... not that guy who plays for Manchester United (even though my father is a fan, I'm sorry to say I don't quite share the passion).

What I had actually meant, my dear readers, is gigs as in live musical performances. Think concerts. Yes, you get the drift.

I was just at one earlier tonight - it was the album launch for a local Malaysian band called Paperplane Pursuit and it was at the extremely loud Laundry Bar in a livelier part of town called Kota Damansara.

Best part was I got a copy of the new CD free, just by being bold enough to go up on stage and to say into the microphone the name of the next guest band that was coming up.

Goes to show, my lovelies, that courage pays. But believe me, I still am rather shy along the fringes of my character. I hesitate sometimes. Ah, but I ramble. That will be a story for another post... R perhaps?

I still feel partially deaf, to be honest. Plus perhaps the jolt of adrenaline from all the noise and pumped up crowd earlier has yet to subside. Bah. It's rather late over here.

But well, since I'm here, time to do a little home ground promo... Please take time to check out Paperplane Pursuit - I'm possibly a new fan. :P

The video's pretty interesting... although it's nothing too fancy, it carries a vital message for Malaysians. In fact, it sort of addresses some of the issues I had mentioned here. Well, I'm a really nice person so here ya go, I'll make it easier for you by embedding the video here:


Supporting guest acts, Under Headlights and Bus Company were fantastic too. If you can spare a moment, check them out? :) Yay for Malaysian made and better days for the arts in days to come, which I hope will be sooner rather than later.

My boyfriend's whining about wanting to gig again. I want to whine, but then I shan't, since I'm guilty of slacking in my music ability since eons ago. Well, if he does anything interesting, I'll sneakily post it up later hoho. He loves he attention anyway.

Tomorrow's Friday (why thank you, Rebecca Black) and still a working day so I must leave you for now.

Goodnight, world.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

F for fistfuls

One of the ways that I first began writing more seriously was through poetry. It is to poetry that I return today, and I hope you my dear reader will enjoy it. But if for some reason you find it hard to understand, please feel free to ask for an explanation. I'm sure I speak for poets and artists everywhere, that we really do enjoy telling you the story behind our masterpieces.

*   *   *


Clenched and firm
Hammering on tables
Making demands, decisions
Unconcerned of everything else but
Of searing perfection
What is and is not yours
At the stakes of humanity
The cigarette butts of poverty
Polluting innocence
Breeding insanity
Stuck on the temporary fixes
An addict to its adrenaline
Of trophies and popularity
With martyrs aplenty
To cushion invisible consciences
Taxes for gifts in apparent sincerity
Unending objectives for tightening security
For paranoia's sake
Too alone to want company
With proudly squinted vision
And heart carefully closed shut
March on, warrior
Clamor for your freedom
Independent democracy
One step forward
Two thousand steps back

D, E for Dear Ellina

* Killing two birds with one stone, here we go ;)

Dear Ellina,

It has been some time since we last spoke. Although it's just a few weeks, it feels like it's been years and years.

I'm not sure how we got here, but I'm sorry that we have. I remember times when things were simpler, happier. I hate to admit it, but I think we've been taking things for granted for way too long.

I guess I'm trying to sound really intelligent and all that, but maybe what I'm saying is that I'm sorry. Sorry that I didn't stop you from leaving and sorry that now I feel like a complete idiot because I desperately need you here but was just too downright proud to admit it.

I know I used to hate it when you'd ramble on and on about the things you had experienced in a day. I recall how I would cringe or recoil from you whenever you reached out to offer me a hug.

I wish I could have you offer me those things now.

When I finally go this time, I will go empty handed. I cannot take anything with me, even if I want to. I had always known this would be a solo trip, yet I never imagined it would feel this hollow. 

Would it be too much to ask for you to come meet me? Just one more time?

I promise I will be nice and that I won't dwell on old things.

Please forgive me and say you'll be there at the bus stop before 3pm.

Thanks, goodbye and hope to see you then.


* All details described above are purely fictional, and any perceived representation to any persons alive or dead is entirely coincidental.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

C for country

A much delayed post, but as they say, better late than never.

In case you may not have known it, dear readers, I live in a country called Malaysia, which is located on the part of globe which is known as Southeast Asia. It is a fascinating place to live - what some like to fondly (or at times, perhaps not-so-fondly) refer to as a melting pot of culture, since we Malaysians are a diverse lot, consisting of a variety of races, religions and much more.

But much has been happening in my country of late, and although it doesn't make as much worldwide ripples the way the tsunami disaster in Japan did or the revolution in Egypt did, it still matters and makes a difference in some way or another to us, and perhaps, by chance, to some other random stranger across the globe who is somehow affected by what happens in our nation due to his dependency on rambutan or durian or something.

Such is the level of patriotism of my race (which by the way, is Chinese) that quite a number of us are more keen on migrating to other countries just to escape the ongoing tussles that are taking place internally here rather than choosing deliberately to stay here and weather it. I don't think time permits me to go into details though, and I'm not sure if I want to but sometimes,  I just feel sad. That we in Malaysia lack such patriotism for our own land and are so quick to relinquish our citizenship here in exchange for a better life elsewhere. Has Malaysia nothing good left to offer?

Regardless of how grim things get Malaysia, you're still my home. I still love you and hope for the best to surface in the near future in a way that benefits us all.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April's agenda


And that means that the A to Z Blogging Challenge is on! :)

Whee! This is to help me keep track as I go along. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer. I might try resurrecting my old fictional, poetic ways.

And please feel free to join this blogging pursuit. Commit your writing and blog name to the list here.

B for brief

It's B for brief this time, with a few extra Bs thrown in for good measure ;)

I guess I'll just keep things BRIEF and say that there are BETTER things that are yet to come. Do BEAR with me while I BRAINSTORM on more interesting topics to BLABBER on about. Maybe I should be BRAVER and try blogging in a more creative way. But I'm just worried that I'll be a downright BORE. Then my readers will BLAME me for making them read nonsensical things. Well, I've got nothing much to BRAG about right now so I guess I should get going. I'll just say BYE for now then :)

Alrighty, that's that and I'll see you back here for the next challenge day on Monday. I promise better quality posts by then. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

A for adventure

I was zooming down the ELITE highway, heading towards the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and trying my hardest to cut down a 47 minute journey into a 27 minute one. It was all my own fault, since my bf *had* told me to leave earlier but I had delayed it. As I went, I couldn't help but think, in the solitude of my car, about how crazy life is and how we never know where we'll end up in the future.

Just last year, at this time, I was in Paihia, New Zealand, walking the 90 Mile Beach and sandboarding. I could not have imagined at that moment, what I'd be doing right now. That I'd be officially a journalist by profession, and that I'd have experienced as much in life as I already have. That I am all the more bolder, and even richer from the lessons learned and the wisdom gained.

It's amazing where life takes you. Sometimes it's not all that extravagant, but even in the small things, it really is such a splendid adventure. :)