Sunday, April 3, 2011

April's agenda


And that means that the A to Z Blogging Challenge is on! :)

Whee! This is to help me keep track as I go along. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer. I might try resurrecting my old fictional, poetic ways.

And please feel free to join this blogging pursuit. Commit your writing and blog name to the list here.


Ruthie said...

Glad I bumped into you, I love your blog. I'm following and I'm also in the A-Z challenge. Check out my blog: RuthieTootieWishes

Ruthie said...

wait... how do i follow?

Susanna said...

Heya Ruthie, thanks for stopping by :) I just added the Followers gadget into my sidebar. You can click on the Follow button and follow from there, I guess :P

And yes, I'll be visiting your blog soon too. All the best for the blogging challenge! :) said...

Nice blog. I enjoyed reading it. And I love the name you chose lol but I'm a shoe addict so I'm partial. I found you on the a-z blogging challenge page, it was a worthwhile find.

Susanna said... Hi Kelly, good to know that you enjoyed my blog :) Your website looks interesting too, by the way :)