Sunday, April 3, 2011

B for brief

It's B for brief this time, with a few extra Bs thrown in for good measure ;)

I guess I'll just keep things BRIEF and say that there are BETTER things that are yet to come. Do BEAR with me while I BRAINSTORM on more interesting topics to BLABBER on about. Maybe I should be BRAVER and try blogging in a more creative way. But I'm just worried that I'll be a downright BORE. Then my readers will BLAME me for making them read nonsensical things. Well, I've got nothing much to BRAG about right now so I guess I should get going. I'll just say BYE for now then :)

Alrighty, that's that and I'll see you back here for the next challenge day on Monday. I promise better quality posts by then. 


natz said...

=) you should have capitalised BLOGGING as well :D

Anonymous said...

Short and Sweet :)

Toby Neal said...

Clever is always good and after reading so many, brief is fine too!

Susanna said...

natz: I didn't want to overdo it lah. Haha :P

damyantiwrites: Thanks, hope it wasn't too boring though :P

Toby Neal: Haha glad to know that :)

Anonymous said...

That was funny! :)

Vanessa Ee-Lyn Gomes said...

should have capitalised back and better in the last line as well! :D Good job! I <3 reading your blog :)

blogger sam said...

that is a rather clever way of doing it, I do like it very much

Susanna said...

wordyliving: Glad you liked it :)

vanessa: Hahaha wah... don't know whether that's overdoing it or not :P

blogger sam: Thank you thank you :)