Thursday, April 7, 2011

F for fistfuls

One of the ways that I first began writing more seriously was through poetry. It is to poetry that I return today, and I hope you my dear reader will enjoy it. But if for some reason you find it hard to understand, please feel free to ask for an explanation. I'm sure I speak for poets and artists everywhere, that we really do enjoy telling you the story behind our masterpieces.

*   *   *


Clenched and firm
Hammering on tables
Making demands, decisions
Unconcerned of everything else but
Of searing perfection
What is and is not yours
At the stakes of humanity
The cigarette butts of poverty
Polluting innocence
Breeding insanity
Stuck on the temporary fixes
An addict to its adrenaline
Of trophies and popularity
With martyrs aplenty
To cushion invisible consciences
Taxes for gifts in apparent sincerity
Unending objectives for tightening security
For paranoia's sake
Too alone to want company
With proudly squinted vision
And heart carefully closed shut
March on, warrior
Clamor for your freedom
Independent democracy
One step forward
Two thousand steps back


Trisha said...

The closest I've come to writing poetry in recent times was writing songs.

Ruthie said...

I love it :)

Jo Schaffer said...

I liked this! (=

I tried to leave a comment on your other blog and the word verification thing is all wonky ans won't let me post.

Susanna said...

Trisha: Writing songs is one level up from poetry, it's like poetry + words in my humble opinion :) Are any of your songs available on YouTube or anywhere else on the Web by any chance? If they are, please let me know ;)

Ruthie: Glad you liked it :)

Jo Schaffer: The Golden Silences blog? Ooh dear, sorry. Hmm I just tried posting a comment there, seems fine though. Could you try again, perhaps? :( What had you wanted to say actually?

Susanna said...

Oops sorry Trisha, I meant lyrics + melody hahahaha oh dear :P