Friday, April 8, 2011

G for gigs

No no no... not that guy who plays for Manchester United (even though my father is a fan, I'm sorry to say I don't quite share the passion).

What I had actually meant, my dear readers, is gigs as in live musical performances. Think concerts. Yes, you get the drift.

I was just at one earlier tonight - it was the album launch for a local Malaysian band called Paperplane Pursuit and it was at the extremely loud Laundry Bar in a livelier part of town called Kota Damansara.

Best part was I got a copy of the new CD free, just by being bold enough to go up on stage and to say into the microphone the name of the next guest band that was coming up.

Goes to show, my lovelies, that courage pays. But believe me, I still am rather shy along the fringes of my character. I hesitate sometimes. Ah, but I ramble. That will be a story for another post... R perhaps?

I still feel partially deaf, to be honest. Plus perhaps the jolt of adrenaline from all the noise and pumped up crowd earlier has yet to subside. Bah. It's rather late over here.

But well, since I'm here, time to do a little home ground promo... Please take time to check out Paperplane Pursuit - I'm possibly a new fan. :P

The video's pretty interesting... although it's nothing too fancy, it carries a vital message for Malaysians. In fact, it sort of addresses some of the issues I had mentioned here. Well, I'm a really nice person so here ya go, I'll make it easier for you by embedding the video here:


Supporting guest acts, Under Headlights and Bus Company were fantastic too. If you can spare a moment, check them out? :) Yay for Malaysian made and better days for the arts in days to come, which I hope will be sooner rather than later.

My boyfriend's whining about wanting to gig again. I want to whine, but then I shan't, since I'm guilty of slacking in my music ability since eons ago. Well, if he does anything interesting, I'll sneakily post it up later hoho. He loves he attention anyway.

Tomorrow's Friday (why thank you, Rebecca Black) and still a working day so I must leave you for now.

Goodnight, world.


Missy said...

I LOVE seeing live music, especially in small clubs, so much more of a personal experience! First, good band name and I like their sound kinda a pop punk emo thing going on, which is a good sound!

Ruthie said...

I love your posts and your blog design.

M Pax said...

Don't care for the big concerts any more, but the small local stuff can be fun.

Susanna said...

Missy: Yup, so do I :) Unfortunately a lot of the venues around the city where I live have horrible sound systems. Glad you liked Paperplane Pursuit too, do feel free to share with others about them too and pass the word on! :)

Ruthie: Thanks :) I wish I could say I designed it myself (the blog design) but unfortunately I didn't :P

M Pax: Haha okay. But if it's a favourite band of mine, I'd go for it whether it's big or small concert ;)

Ruthie said...

You have been awarded second place for my 'Diamond Blog Award'- RuthieTootieWishes. Thank you for inspiring!

teemortai said...
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teemortai said...

John Oomen is a personal friend of mine... i've been a fan of the band when they first started out as Silent Scream. They have always believed in being a band for a cause that is greater than themselves. It showed before (in Silent Scream), and it continues to shine now.

i also know Bus Co. They're from the blessed town of Klang, yo! Represent! =D

Heidi Windmiller said...

Sounds fun!

Susanna said...

Ruthie: Wow, thanks! :D

teemortai: Wah, another sign of a small world, eh? :) I just met him and heard the band for the first time at this gig. I went because Deric knows a band member from Under Headlights, which is Wee Liem (Sharon Lim's fiance).

Heidi Windmiller: Haha yes it was! :) And I'm glad to see you here. Thanks for visiting! :)