Saturday, April 16, 2011

J for Jane

Jane felt sad.

Mary had her little lamb, and Little Miss Muffet had her tuffet, plus the company of a curious little spider.

Even her annoying cousin, Jack Horner, had his stale Christmas pie to keep him amused, whilst her neighbour, whom she has only known all this while as Little Boy Blue, had his favourite horn with which he can blow funny tunes with to keep boredom at bay.

He was playing a tune right then, and as she listened, it was making her even sadder.

But she... she had nothing at all.

Folding her arms to her chest, she sighed. She needed something to perk her up. Gazing around the tiny confines of her cottage, she felt the way everyone else had described: a very plain Jane indeed. It was not a nice feeling.

After thinking for a moment, she decided to take a walk. So out her door and onto the pathway she went.

Jane walked and walked and walked. The sun was shining brightly and she felt more and more tired as she went along.

Suddenly, she heard a voice saying, "Hellooo? You there! Do you want some tea?"

Jane stopped in her tracks and whirled around to discover who it was that was speaking. Soon, she spotted a kind looking lady standing at the door of a hut, waving at her.

"Are you talking to me?" Jane asked, a little unsure.

"You! Yes, you!" Affirmed the lady.

Jane felt suddenly very shy and she hesitated. It also crossed her mind why she would want to have a hot cup of tea on a hot day like this. She'd much prefer a glass of iced lemon tea.

"But it's hot and drinking tea will make me feel hotter," she said somewhat sheepishly, staring at the ground as she spoke.

"Oh, nonsense!" The lady replied. "I have nice cupcakes and scones... surely you want some of those?"

Jane stopped to think again. She did not really like thinking much, because she felt her brain didn't really have the ability to think very far. Nevertheless, she tried and concentrated as hard as she could.

"Maybe just one or two?" She finally consented.

"Come right in!" Ushered the lady as she swung open the door of her hut and gestured for Jane to enter with her hand. "I've already got a kettle of water brewing."

- to be continued-


Sylvia Ney said...

Interesting. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

Susanna said...

Sylvia Ney: Hi :) Glad you found it interesting. Hopefully I can keep the story going :) I'm a little behind in some of the alphabets, got some serious catching up to do :(