Friday, April 1, 2011

A for adventure

I was zooming down the ELITE highway, heading towards the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and trying my hardest to cut down a 47 minute journey into a 27 minute one. It was all my own fault, since my bf *had* told me to leave earlier but I had delayed it. As I went, I couldn't help but think, in the solitude of my car, about how crazy life is and how we never know where we'll end up in the future.

Just last year, at this time, I was in Paihia, New Zealand, walking the 90 Mile Beach and sandboarding. I could not have imagined at that moment, what I'd be doing right now. That I'd be officially a journalist by profession, and that I'd have experienced as much in life as I already have. That I am all the more bolder, and even richer from the lessons learned and the wisdom gained.

It's amazing where life takes you. Sometimes it's not all that extravagant, but even in the small things, it really is such a splendid adventure. :)


natz said...

Dropping by to say HI!
And yes, I surfed on to the ACTUAL SITE so that I can POST A COMMENT.

Tweet your posts to #atozchallenge...

Susanna said...

Haha cool... glad to see you here, Anna :) So is it right to assume that you've started doing this challenge too? ;)

And wow.. there's a Twitter page too. Okay I must check it out :D

teemortai said...

Yup, do tweet your posts there for the officers and other participants to be able to follow your posts throughout the challenge. Keep it up! =)

Susanna said...

teemortai: Alright I will, no worries :) Thanks for the encouragement, as always :D