Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W for weighed down

I feel rather sad because I have not been able to keep up faithfully with this A to Z Challenge lately.

Things at work were especially busy over the past week or two, with me heading out for assignments almost every other day. I suppose this is nothing compared to the life of a reporter who works for a daily newspaper, but it's tiring enough for me. The assignments were interesting though, and I suppose it should be the subject of a blog post too, but I shall save that for another time.

Plus, I kept forgetting to submit my tax assessment form, and it hung over my head like a small black cloud that grew thicker and darker by the day (okay, so I'm exaggerating a little, but tax claims are such a bother, aren't they?).

AND to top things off, I had some other additional writing task to do, which was not so well received by the intended recipient. Sigh. I guess there's no pleasing anyone for as long as the writing is for someone else's sake and not your own.

But now the tax assessment has been done and to both my dismay and delight I owe the government NOTHING and I discover the dismal truth that I really am not that financially wealthy after all.

The extra writing task is not, but the workload at the office is bearable. The workpile is moving, albeit slowly, but so far I've not messed up in any way, so all's good.

PLUS I am about to go on a short trip to Singapore to see these guys perform live:

(Psst. They're Switchfoot, in case you didn't already know.)

Whee :)

I'm really looking forward to NOT being so weighed down, and I hope that moment will come really soon.

So I promise you, dear readers, that I will do a little catching up before the month is up and will fill in the gaps wherever I've missed an alphabet or two or more.

Sorry if you were disappointed, but I assure you, I will be back... and soon too! 

Meantime, enjoy the sunshine. Another day has begun - well, at least in my part of the world ;)


teemortai said...

Hmm, aren't they kambing to perform 'ere on Labour Day? Why you crossin the Causeway to catch 'em there pulak?

Susanna said...

Because... at the time when I bought the Singapore tickets, the gig in Malaysia wasn't even confirmed yet :( Who asked them to be so slow? :P

Anyway, I want to be away for awhile lah. It's always a good excuse to unwind and enjoy the carefree-ness that being in PJ cannot afford me :)