Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W for write, write, write!

Hehe can I double post for W? After all it's a DOUBLE u, right?

Okay, I'm considerably lame sometimes.

Anyhow, I've been thinking about it lately, and I still believe I'd much rather be an author than a journalist (which is what I am currently).

It's been one of my lifelong dreams to write and publish a book that gets sold in the bookstores around the city where I live so I can beam with joy every time I catch a glimpse of its title on the shelves of MPH or Borders or somewhere like that.

But that day has yet to come. I have tried and tried to write the opening chapters for what I hoped would become a book but so far the efforts have not been anywhere near successful. *sniff*

Recently, my Mum pointed out to me an article in The Star that said that the government is allocating a RM 2 million fund to help publish books. This is great because it's just what I need (now, to actually get round to writing that book hoho). I'm not sure if I'd actually qualify but I suppose it's worth finding out.

Perhaps, perhaps my dreams of becoming an author can finally see the light of day some time soon. Wonder whether anyone would read what I write though... would you? :)

Sometimes I wish I lived in some superbly well developed nation where you can do anything you love to do and earn a living from it. Over here, we still have parents nagging their children to take up accountancy, law or medical degrees just because it's assumed these education paths will land us jobs with decent pay.

Being a writer isn't exactly the most ideal choices a parent could hope for a child, I think. But well, it's not altogether frowned upon as much as... say... being a criminal underlord, isn't it? Heh. What an analogy.

Ah, I really should get moving. I need to head out to work soon. I wonder if it's true of all writers... that part of us just likes to dream more than actually write or do anything else?


teemortai said...

i would. Very much so. : )

hoyden said...

i think we make up a lot of excuses for ourselves - It's hard to get published in Malaysia, or no one's gonna read my work, or I have no time to sit and write - which are all valid reasons but maybe we're sometimes afraid of trying?
I DREAM of getting published too... maybe someday. Oneday. Soon.

ps- I'd definitely read your work. ;)

Anonymous said...

The only people and circumstance in the way of our writing is us. I learned this the hard way. I lived in Malaysia until recently and I agree with everything you say...but people there are still publishing novels. Just give it a try, and you never know. 500 words a day, and you'll have the first draft in about 3 months.

Susanna said...

teemortai: That's good to know hehe. Maybe I'll ask you to help proofread next time once I've got something substantial written down :)

hoyden: Wow I didn't know you read my blog hehe... welcome welcome :) Hey since you want to write a book too maybe we should get started at the same time, then maybe we can take turns motivating each other when we need it :) I'd read your book too ;)

damyantiwrite: Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I really should give it a go :)