Wednesday, May 25, 2011

S for students

As I had said, there were some posts in the April challenge which I missed out on writing. So I will be trying to cover those now.

So it's S for students for this post.

My colleagues and I are currently working on interviewing some students for an article we're about to produce.

It is in the midst of this process of talking to these students that I realise how out of touch I am with youth nowadays. The number of youth that I am friends with has greatly decreased, and I realise that I am slowly becoming more and more clueless on their sentiments and their interests.

There was a time not so long ago that I was involved in working with youth at my church, but I no longer do so now. Although in some ways it was a relief that I have been released from that responsibility, a part of me feels sad that I don't seem to have insight to how the current generation of youth are now.

In some strange ways, some little tiny part of my heart still feels like a youth and there's the notion that I could just snap back into their company and fit in at any moment without difficulty. But perhaps that is not quite as true as I imagine it to be.

Sometimes I wonder if God intended me to continue to work with youths.

Then again,  there's this other part of me that realises that perhaps I am not as good a role model as I should be to them, hence maybe it's better off for them that I stay away from being their leader.

Maybe the truth of the matter is that right now, in my mid twenties, it still feels like I don't fit in anywhere.

On the one hand, I am an adult, yet when I am with a predominantly adult crowd, I still feel as though I am being disregarded by some because I perceived as being "still very young" and this causes the older folk to think of me as being immature and not wise enough to have my opinions taken seriously.

Yet on the other hand, I am too old to fit in with the adolescents, because they have such a different lifestyle from the one I have, which is constrained by my work duties. That zest for life, a particular carefree attitude and nonchalance about the future and world events at large, is not longer a perpective on life that I possess.

Perhaps I am just ruminating a little too much over things that are in essence pretty trivial, nevertheless I must admit that it's something that rather disturbs me.