Monday, June 27, 2011

R for reasonably rationale

Clarity. My mind feels exceptionally clear tonight.

I am trying to figure out what it could be that is contributing towards me feeling this way.

Perhaps it's the brief church retreat that I just attended?

Or is it the rather exquisite coffee that I just drank earlier this evening?

Then again, could it just have been the after effects of good company?

No matter the reason, I am here now. In a familiar posture with my trusty laptop in... well, my lap... and my fingers poised for a few good hours (perhaps) of typing.I am all set to get going and to start writing some unfinished articles for work.

I do not really look forward to doing this.

There is a whole mess of data that I need to sift through and arrange into neat little sentences in order to create a respectable draft. I'm not sure sometimes whether having lots of information to process is more maddening or whether it is worse had I not had enough to work with. Either way, it is (at times) such a tremendously taxing brain exercise.

I'm still pondering all those competitions I could join and the side projects I could do. I feel as though I am lacking energy to do all that. But those are the real goals that I want to achieve, far above the constant churning out of articles just for the sake of commitment and deadlines. I hope I don't end up sidelining them till life passes me by and I find no great meaning in writing and all I end up doing is churning out article after article passionlessly.

That would be sad indeed.

I do not want to be found writing without passion. Without meaning to my words. Without caring for the effect it will trigger in my readers. Writing is just as much an art as sculpting or painting is. I want my words to be deliberate. The message clear. Creativity oozing out of each word and bursting at the seams by the end of each sentence.

I don't really know what I'm saying. I guess I should stop dawdling here and begin chipping away at the actual tasks I have on hand.

I will be back, hopefully soon. Till then... have yourself a good new week.