Friday, August 26, 2011

Picture perfect

Those picture perfect folk, don't they just drive you insane?

The ones with the oh-so-perfect looks and never-ending smiles on their Facebook pictures.

Those with the pretty dresses and flashy cars.

Who got married and lived happily ever after.

Or whose career has only progressed upward ever since the very first day of the very first job.

Who always have reasons to laugh, and are never grouchy or unreasonable or selfish.

Don't you just hate how lousy they make you feel?

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Angela Felsted said...

It's easy to smile on a facebook photo. You only need to do it once and it's preserved as long as you leave it up there.

Susanna said...

Angela: True, true... that's quite true. But it's an illusion that often gives others a false impression and standard to live by. That's what I was getting at.