Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ideas to perhaps revive my (handwritten) journal habits


I just rewatched Disney's The Lion King movie last week. I guess that must be why I'm drawn to this blog... something that apparently happened by accident (please see my last blog post to understand what I mean).

It's a visual journal challenge! Haha. First time I've ever heard of the term. But well, no matter, it's something worth exploring. My creative muscles have become lethargic and almost non-functional for what feels like ages, so maybe a little help in reviving their abilities would really do me some good.

So here's how it goes. I read a challenge posted by this blogger (Zazu), and then do it. More details here.

Anyway, the blog looks somewhat dead but I'll take the last recent entry, which was in July here.

Well, if I'm in a good mood later I'll post photos. I have a nice camera now to use anyway teehee ;)