Saturday, September 24, 2011


Ever gone to the store and searched the shelves for your favourite product, only to find it's not there?

Well, I have.

At the first attempt, I'd console myself by thinking,'Oh, it's probably just that this particular outlet has run out of stock for the product.'

And so I'll visit several other shops, expecting that I'd surely find the product I was looking for there.

Only to be disappointed a few dozen times before arriving at the conclusion that the product might have been discontinued.

Now, is it just me or do many of you face this too? Because it seems to me like so many products that I love end up getting discontinued after some time.

Perhaps I have a peculiar taste. Or that corporations just feel the need to keep churning out new products to appear productive and successful. A sign that the things in this life are so very much transitory.

Then again, maybe I speak in haste, and the actual fact is that companies are constantly improving their ranges of products thus phasing out the less perfect predecessors from the product line. Change is good and for the better. That sort of thing.

Well I can't decide which of the two trains of thought should prevail in this case. But it sure is bothersome to have to change my preferences just because a situation compels me to.

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