Friday, December 30, 2011

Things I wish I had been taught during my teenage days

  1. Financial awareness (economy as well as family status) and financial management techniques
  2. Knowledge of current issues and know-how on where to get reliable information
  3. Political awareness
  4. Ability to stand up for and express individual opinion and emotions without fear or favour
  5. How-to knowledge with regards to accentuating feminine beauty (eg: use of makeup, understanding what type of clothes suits which kinds of body shapes, poise, etc)
  6. Guy tackling tactics and all related psychology
  7. Mandarin proficiency 
  8. Conversational and inter-personal skills

Good stuff

I could read this stuff all day :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Write, where I belong

Ooh my. Several months have passed since I blogged. I guess so much has happened in between that it has made me forget that I do own a blog. Several, in fact.

Well, I am writing now from a brand new netbook :) My old giant Toshiba has been having hiccuping episodes, which in a computer sense I take to mean a blinking screen that alternates between the image of the things you are actually doing on the computer and a completely white, blank screen. Scary. But then again, at least when the computer does die, I hope it will not experience the Blue Screen of Death.

Anyway, the new chick that will be one of my writing companions from now on is called Eee PC Seashell1015PX. I shall rename her something soon, once I have coined up something savvy and befitting her elegant white nature.

To help your imagination, she looks like this:

I guess I don't have much of an excuse not to write anymore. I have a netbook that I can carry practically anywhere without breaking my back. Plus, I also own an iPod and a Blackberry Curve. Hehe. I wonder how many people own that many devices. It was not intentional, of course. One was a gift and another was for a work phone so... But well, I'm not complaining, am I?

So much has changed in just a few months. I wonder if I say this all the time when I blog, but the fact is, it's true.

In the span of time that I have been dormant as a blogger, I have gotten engaged; signed an agreement to buy a house; gone through the heart wrenching experience of losing Hans, my beloved German Shepherd; lost an uncle to complications following a heart bypass operation; attended my first ever Melaka wedding; gotten a not-so-hot appraisal at work; bought a netbook (which you already know about but I can't resist reiterating); attended Mandarin classes and hopefully, matured in some aspects of life.


Oh, and not to mention, of course, an awfully pathetic FAIL at doing another Nanowrimo. Ah, well. Maybe such rushed deadlines are not for me.

Perhaps, with all these colourful moments in my life, it's finally time to write a book, as my real life encounters will have potentially deemed me as experienced enough to write something worthwhile. You know, it's like in singing competitions like American Idol where the judges belabour the point that the poor, hopeful young singer cannot possibly offer the best performance possible for an extremely emotional song because they just haven't gone through enough in life to really feel what it's all about.

I think a person just has to live two decades or so to have enough to tell a story. Everyone has a story. Hopefully mine will be readworthy enough to be published someday.

So here are some of the possibilities I contemplated writing about:
  1. A completely random novel about some fictitious characters in a fictitious plot
  2. A memoir for Hans, or something to that effect (but that would be in danger of appearing like a copycat of Marley and Me hmm)
  3. A story about my life
  4. A story about my love life (probably would be boring though)
  5. A book about the wonderful as well as horrible experiences of being a pastor's kid
  6. A book about wanting to be a writer and feeble attempts to achieve something which ultimately failed
  7. A book about being brave enough to switch careers (my experience being on switching from an IT job to a writing/editorial one)
  8. A book about my relationship with my sister 
  9. A story about my family history
  10. Compiling a book of my poetry interspersed with short pieces about my real life experiences and how it affected my poetry 
  11. Compiling a book of my short stories 
 Oh well. That's all I could think of for now. Let's see what comes up. But the greatest fear of mine is that what I start off will end up being abandoned halfway, and it would make me (yet again) the futility of attempting to write anything of the larger scale.

Maybe for now, I'll just keep coming back here and entertaining you with a tale or two. Hopefully it'll help me to garner some sort of confidence to get down to publishing that book I've always wanted to write.

TTFN, as Tigger would say.