Monday, April 9, 2012

Grammatically yours

I've recently acquired another freelance job, making my employment count a grand total of two now.

It's pretty interesting, I feel, because one of the jobs is requiring me to resurrect my knowledge on the (formal) study of the English language - things that I've abandoned ever since graduating with an SPM certificate from secondary school.

I remember some time ago I was thinking to myself that I need to revise these language concepts so I can acquire more insight on how I can deliberately improve my writing (since I'd be aware of what I was actually doing).

The only reason that I stopped short of actually putting those thoughts into action was that I wondered if after I had revisited all those troublesome principles of the English language, I might actually suddenly grow a distaste for writing altogether or become so confined in the way I constructed sentences that I would no longer know what it is to write creatively and freely.

But I suppose that makes as much sense as saying I'd better not go for music lessons because learning to read music notes will ruin my ability to create good music. Formally and informally trained musicians alike all have the ability to create splendid music, since it's based on their efforts rather than merely knowledge or creativity.

So I guess for writing it must be the same. Well, at least I hope so.

Whatever the case may be, I'm learning new things. Which is surely a good thing. Right now, those new things I speak of consist of editing skills and English language concepts. Both very handy skills to tuck stealthily under my belt for the day when I become an author. Teehee. One step closer.

Meanwhile, it has recently dawned on me that planning for my wedding is, in essence, assuming an event organiser's role. Hmm. Well, no wonder then that I at times feel extremely uncomfortable managing or deciding on things for my wedding. I don't like event management or organising or whatever other name you want to call it. For me, the only thing I like doing at functions or events is attending them. 

Unfortunately, in the absence of a wedding planner, I have to be involved in most of the decisions for my wedding. I mean, after all, it is my wedding. Heh.

I guess the part that irks me is that no matter how much items on the To-Do List get cleared, there's always plenty more stuff still undone that requires my attention. Sigh. Is this how it will continue to be right up till the day of the wedding, I wonder...

Things I could possibly write about right now:

  1.  Wedding prep
  2. My journey so far as a writer
  3. Family
  4. My deceased dog, Hans
  5. My random musings on life
  6. My comments on photos I've randomly taken
  7. Bible truths which I should be starting to uncover in preparation for my role as a future wife
  8. Things I'm continuously learning in life

That's more than enough material for a book, isn't it?

Bah. Who am I kidding?

Okay, back to enjoying the rainy weather and dreamy thoughts for now then. See ya.