Monday, April 23, 2012

Pause for effect

Hello there.

I'm hoping that my sporadic blogging habits will mean there is greater appreciation for posts when I actually do write them. Wistful thinking, I know, but what is life without a little hope, eh?

Well, in any case, here I am, dropping in on all you silent readers out there as living proof that this writer still lives.

Things just got busier now that Deric and I have acquired the keys to our new place. It's quite exciting, really, and this would be the first time in my life that there's an empty space over which I can have full say about how it should be decorated and upkept. Absolutely fantastic!

Oh hmm but then again, coming back to the part on the full say, there's still his view to consider... Ah well. At least it's only for the two of us to fight out. Teehee.

In other news, my Mum pointed out to me today several feature articles in The Star (Now everyone can publish, E-book millionaires, Going digital ) which talk about e-publishing. Sounds so simple and potentially lucrative. I should really get down to writing something book worthy.

With each passing day, I've begun to realise just how big a responsibility it is to be a wife. Meeting sexual demands sounds scary enough (I've never really though of myself as having much libido). Then there's the need to take charge of home affairs and keep the place spick and span. Also, the obligation to stay involved and alert in all decision making that is required (this involves not falling asleep when I can't follow what all those figures we're discussing are about - something that has, I'll admit, happen several times already hehe). And of course, there's the obvious task of taking care of the husband too, and that can be a handful in itself since guys are often nonchalant about many things that matter (I am generalising here, of course).

To top it all off, I would still need to manage my own state of affairs at the same time (job, health, beauty, etc).


As it is, I am rather slow moving and at times, clumsy in managing my own stuff. I forget things. I misplace things, then spend a considerable amount of time unearthing where it is they're at. My room is more often in a mess than it is in order, and I keep a ton of junk, inclusive of all sorts of strange memoir that range from ice cream sticks to random pieces of paper to program booklets, ticket stubs and product labels.

It would be quite amusing to see what sort of a wife I turn out to be. Then again, it may not be so amusing when I have to suffer the consequences of my incompetency.

Besides all this serious, life altering stuff, I've recently felt the magnetic pull of art and craft work again. Having to hunt for materials to use for wedding favours has put me in close proximity to all these delectable items that I used to love in my childhood and teenage days. If only I could find the time to pick these things up again - knitting, tatting, crotcheting, embroidery, etc.

Perhaps if I ever become a homemaker, I could devote time to such things. It seems like such a tempting option right now, especially since I have no full time job. But of course, I know that's not really a good idea right now, given that our expenses require that both of us work. Sigh.

Alrighty, I have work to do now - the kind that pays money in return. So that'll be it for today. You can go now. Scat.