Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Okay, so I feel like my creativity has fizzled out, and therefore I have few words that are coming to mind as I'm trying to write a post now.

So I will let pictures do the talking for me for once.

Outwardly, I now look like this:

big smiley

But inwardly, I feel like this...

pin cushion heart

... and like this...

fried brain

Eww, that last one looks awful, doesn't it?

Okay, so I'll come back later when I've got my word power back, alright? Fingers crossed and bye for now. Thanks for stopping by :)

(Psst, don't worry, nothing's been going wrong in life over here, it's just that my brain's in knots and I feel kinda numb. Maybe it's the lack of predictable routine or sleep, hmm I'm not sure. Okaythanksbye!)