Monday, September 24, 2012

Candid colour

Life is like a colourful jar of jelly beans. 

Every day carries a different flavour, a unique experience to add to your overall taste of life. But the flavours are what make life interesting, and worth living. 

Daily experiences also often leave us with plenty to chew on afterwards. What would life be without having stuff to ponder over, after all? God gives us brains for us to use them, I believe. 

And regardless of what jelly bean flavour you and I may be encountering on any given day, there's always a sweetness that shines through all of life: the dependable, constant presence of God that makes everything meaningful and worthwhile. 

So ends my brief analogy. I hope that the next time you pick up a jelly bean you'll be thinking about how precious your life is and feel comforted in knowing there's a purpose to it and a God behind it all.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dreams and other things for resting your head upon

Here I am, sitting on the balcony on the eleventh floor, fighting to reclaim something I believe I might have lost on the way here. 

It has been awhile since I've blogged, but that is quite trivial when compared to the fact that I have not written anything worthwhile in ages. You do not need to blog to produce something revolutionary. You just merely need to put your thoughts on paper... or, in some cases, on the screen. What matters is you get those ideas out, and then perhaps, some magic might happen. 

Things have been nothing short of magical for me over the past year or so, and particularly since I recently got married - a fairytale that most young girls dream of for more than half their lives. 

But that for me is not enough to satisfy. There are things, buried within the depths of my soul, which require excavating and pondering over. I do not speak of even the profound things like what does my life amount to or what legacy do I hope to leave behind. I merely am thinking of my passions in life and what I ought to do with them. 

Dreams. That's what they are, for the most part. 

To the average person who does not know God nor care for His existence, perhaps pursuing a dream or passion to the very end would be a noble and possibly even wise option.

But for those of us who desire to make more of our lives than simply achieve the self-actualisation that Maslow spoke of, there is an additional factor to consider: what does God make of my dreams? Which ones among them have been approved or even planted by Him and how do I distinguish them from my own selfish lusts and ambitions? 

Which dreams do I leave behind and which do I carry forward with me into the unknown future? 

These are the thoughts that tug at my heart strings. 

Perhaps a dream isn't quite all it's hyped up to be. 

It could be that responsibility, faith, commitment, optimism, love or some other great truth may overtake its importance. 

By the end of my life, it is likely the things that matter to me now will not amount to much, while the things I often did not make much of will prove to be  priceless. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Antiviruses and judgment in the court of life

Learning how to use my own judgment and being confident about it is still something that I am perfecting. Perhaps you could call it a lack of self esteem (probably some people out there do regard it this way, I suppose) or see it as a form of immaturity.

Well, all I can say is that, though I will reach the age of 29 in a few months, there is still so much to this life that I have yet to understand and even more so, master. I have heard it once said that the old and wiser ones tend to take the humble attitude that all they know is but a fraction in proportion to the total knowledge there is to acquire on this Earth. (Not to mention, working on improving one's character, that is).

Just some thoughts I was pondering as I stuck someone else's thumbdrive into my netbook to copy some files over. My antivirus gave me a pop-up saying that there was malware in the thumbdrive concerned. On my closer inspection, I found that it was referring to a program that would autorun whenever the thumbdrive was inserted into any PC. In other words, a false alarm.

Antiviruses are meant to protect our computers and alert us to actual dangers or even sometimes, potential harm that exist in any form whenever we surf the Internet or stick foreign storage devices into our PC's USB ports.

But ultimately, what I've suddenly been reminded through this recent alert from my antivirus software is that sometimes the antivirus could make wrong assumptions and assume a perfectly legitimate and harmless program is in fact dangerous to the PC.

I guess it's the same with my life and the input others give me. It's great to have the advice and counsel of others, but ultimately, I will need to decide what's best for my own life at the end of the day. No one will be responsible for the outcome but me, and if I blindly follow the things that others say without weighing the options myself, I set myself up for possible danger or unnecessary disappointment.

Not saying here that I don't need the help of others. Just that if I don't take responsibility for my own life - actions, words, thoughts and all - then who will?