Monday, September 24, 2012

Candid colour

Life is like a colourful jar of jelly beans. 

Every day carries a different flavour, a unique experience to add to your overall taste of life. But the flavours are what make life interesting, and worth living. 

Daily experiences also often leave us with plenty to chew on afterwards. What would life be without having stuff to ponder over, after all? God gives us brains for us to use them, I believe. 

And regardless of what jelly bean flavour you and I may be encountering on any given day, there's always a sweetness that shines through all of life: the dependable, constant presence of God that makes everything meaningful and worthwhile. 

So ends my brief analogy. I hope that the next time you pick up a jelly bean you'll be thinking about how precious your life is and feel comforted in knowing there's a purpose to it and a God behind it all.